Ganei Huga – Nature Springs Park

In a genesis landscape facing the Gilaad Mountains, Huga Springs magnificently flow, streaming between 3 magical lakes.
It is a family-friendly park with a huge lake for children, shaded lawns, zip line straight to a pool and water amusement for children.

More in Ganei Huga:
Accommodation in tents (camping) in a night campsite upgraded and secured, spacious toilets and hot showers.
Accommodation in air-conditioned tents – “Yurt” (Mongolian Tent). It is an air-conditioned tent with round walls (found in the deserts of Asia and is a perfect housing solution for winds, snow, sun and desert heat). The floor and frame of the tent are made of wood and surrounded by fabric and insulation. The round shape induces a great feeling for those who stay inside.

Open seven days a week from 9: 00-17: 00
Phone: 04-658-1874